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A wall switch plate installed in any space is required to encase and safeguard electrical accessories like sockets, switches, and regulators. The installation of a modular switch plate in your home or office space will not just protect your electrical accessories but also significantly impact the aesthetics of your interiors.

GM modular plate, for one, is precisely designed to enhance the elegance and aesthetics of your space. The GM switch plate safeguards your electrical accessories, and its aesthetically appealing appearance is sure to be the talk of the town for years to come.



CO SN 06 005

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CC SI 12 010

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Naturalz Regular

Naturalz Regular

PD 16 007

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PY SF 08 012

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CI SH 08 009

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Naturalz Exclusive

Naturalz Exclusive

PC 08 010

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Browse through a wide range of modular switch plates online

Choose your switch plates from a wide range of options available at GM Modular. You can browse through the GM Modular website to explore the variety of colours, sizes, fittings, and materials a modular switch plate cover can be available in. There is a switch plate to match and enhance the look of all kinds of interior spaces.

You can pick a wooden switch plate for your modern office space, a metallic switch plate for your elegant living room, simple and classy black switch plate for your master bedroom or a colorful switch plate for your kids’ bedroom. The best part about a GM Modular switch plate is that we provide easy customizations to customers to make their interiors more beautiful with a touch of personalization and creativity.

To find out more about the best suitable decorative switch plates for your space or to get yourself a personalised GM switch plate to add an element of memory to your space, browse through the GM Modular website or visit the GM Modular store near you. You will be surprised with the ocean of options you will get to pick from, along with reliable customer service.

Switch Plates at Best Price in India

Explore Switch Plates Online with GM Modular/Explore GM Modular Switch Plates

At GM Modular, you don’t have to worry about buying a clichéd switch plate. Here, you are offered a switch plate that is made of the finest quality, is highly reliable and comes at an affordable price.

Explore Best switch plates at an affordable price

A switch plate at GM Modular is available in a wide range of colours such as glossy white, silver strokes, graphite magnesia, London blue, Black Currant, Summer Wine, Herbal Green, amber ice, crystalline gold mirror and many more.

You can also choose your switch plate from a wide range of materials and finishes such as metal, glass, wood, leather, etc.

The colour, material, and price of the switch plate will help you pick the best switch cover for installation in your elegant space.

Choose Designer Cover Plate for your home

At GM, we are often asked about possible customizations of a switch plate. Clients usually make such requests to add symbols, inscriptions, logos or special marks on the switch plate they select to add value and a personal touch to the aesthetics of the space

You can choose to buy the designer switch plate for your kids’ room, or get your image customised on the switch plate of your room, or even add a logo on the bell switch plate of your home-office entrance. Like any of our other products, you don’t have to worry about the reliability, safety, efficiency, quality, and affordability of your switch plate.

Explore a wide range of cover plates online at GM Modular

We are nothing but proud to provide our clients all over India with the highest range of switch plates, each of which is carefully crafted with an eye for detail and the finest quality raw materials. You can purchase a switch plate most suitable for your space:

4. NATURALZ Glass Plates
5. NATURALZ Crystalline Plates
9. X-Stella
10. X-Brillo
11. X2
12 .X5

Frequently Asked Questions on Cover Plates

1. What are cover plates?

Cover plates are accessories used in electrical systems to cover and protect the sockets, switches, and regulators of the premises.

2. Are cover plates necessary?

Yes, cover plates are the most important component of essential safety measures at home. These cover plates help in preventing any accidental contact with a live electrical wire inside the premises.

3. What is a cover plate in electrical?

A cover plate, or electrical cover plate in electrical terms, is an accessory used to encase and safeguard the electrical switches, sockets, and regulators.

4. How do I choose a switch plate cover?

You can browse through the GM Modular website or visit the GM store near you to explore the wide range of switch plate options. To pick the right one for your home, you must look for the material, size and colour to match your interior requirements.

5. What is the use of a cover plate?

A cover plate, also known as a switch plate is an element used to cover and protect and protect the electrical switches, sockets, and regulators.

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