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GM has progressed a long way from modest beginnings towards becoming India's biggest switch manufacturer and an industry leader in home electrical accessories. We have consistently delivered to our valued customers the experience of a lavish smart home, beginning with switches and progressing to home automation and, finally, LEDs. We have extended comfort and convenience as a valuable addition to mesmerising freshness with the introduction of GM fans. GM fans guarantee advanced utility and unparalleled aesthetics. We have masterfully crafted GM fans to offer a high-quality experience after carrying out extensive research in design and materials and observing the concerns and needs of a wider audience.

A GM Modular fan is meticulously designed to soothe your senses and also add comfort to the environment. Since our motto is to make things easier and lives simpler, we have introduced a wide range of Fans available in different sizes and colours and designed to specifically cater for your requirements. At GM, you can find everything from a ceiling fan and table fan to an industrial fan and a wall-mounted fan.




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Choose From a Wide Range of High-Speed Wall Fans at GM Modular

Speaking of wall fans, GM Modular brings to you the best wall fans that ooze elegance and serve your convenience through their masterful functionality. If you are on a quest to purchase the best quality wall fans for your residence or workplace, end your search here! GM brings you a wide range of high-speed wall fans such as AirBurst Wall Fans, LivoPlus Wall Fans, LivoSP Wall Fans, and Bolt Wall Fans. These wall fans are available in a variety of colours, which makes it easier for you to pick the right wall fans that also complement your home interior aesthetics.

Benefits of Having Small Wall Fans at Home

A high-speed wall fan is mounted on a wall and circulates air around the space of the installation. Wall fans are well-known for their compact size and ease of functionality. The Livo Five wall fan by GM Modular ensures you have fresh and soothing air in the room and provides the utmost comfort. Along with superior functionality, this wall fan also offers brilliant aesthetics

Since it is a space-saving home appliance, a small wall-mount fan can be perfect for any space! A small wall fan takes up minimal space in comparison to other fans, which is extremely advantageous for individuals who wish to save their carpet area. Mini wall fans are suitable for smaller spaces such as garages and small pantries. A wall fan for kitchen can be wonderful too! The best part about wall fans is that a wall-mounted fan can be utilised both at home and in the workplace.

Get Designer Wall Fans for Your Home

The GM Modular Wall Fans are available in a variety of sizes and colours, each serving your home’s functional use. When looking to purchase aesthetically appealing yet functional wall fans, visit the GM Modular store near you to find the best pick for your residence and requirements.

Features of High-Speed Wall Fans

High-speed wall fans feature:

1.Good air delivery
2.Compact size
3.A variety of colours
4.Speed modifications
5.Energy efficiency
6.Ease of utility
8.Remote control

Frequently Asked Questions On Wall Fans

Are wall fans effective?

Unlike ceiling fans that push the air downwards to the floor, wall fans are known to push the air throughout the space of installation, making them an ideal pick for you if you are looking to purchase fans that circulate cooling air throughout the space. Wall fans are less expensive and less aggressive in comparison to air conditioners. Wall fans take up no floor space because they are wall-mounted, making them an apt choice for smaller spaces.

Are wall fans better than ceiling fans?

The wall fans are a little less effective in comparison to ceiling fans, despite the fact that they consume the same amount of energy as any other ceiling fan. Wall fans are best suited for any compact space, such as a kitchen, study room, or a comparatively tiny bedroom.

Where should wall fans be placed in a room?

It is best to place your wall fans in the centre of the room to enable them to cover as much ground as possible. You can also position your wall fans opposite your window to establish a more airy ambience in the space.

How do I choose a wall-mounted fan?

To select the best designer wall fan, you must consider the following factors before making the purchase:

1.The location where you want to put the wall fans.
2.The correct size of the wall fans.
3.Look at the available speeds.
4.Look for a BLDC wall fan.
5.Pick the right colour.
6.Pick a wall-mount fan with remote for convenience.

Is Wall Fan good for the kitchen?

Yes. Wall fans in the kitchen can help you keep the space well-ventilated, which is much needed when you work around gas.

What are the major features and benefits of GM Modular Wall fans?

GM Wall Fans provide an eye-catching combination of fine exteriors and superior functionality. They perfectly complement your interior aesthetics and exude new energy. They ensure high speed and provide energising air. They are small and elegantly designed.

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