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It's all about an intelligent life.

By transforming dreams into reality. By innovating the present into something spectacular for tomorrow. We always learn who we really are by the way we dream to innovate the world we live in.


Life for today's home

G-Bus Complete Home Automation serves as an intelligent system for electrical installation with automation and remote control making living more convenient, safe and flexible. The innovative G-Bus technology by GM communicates directly with KNX enabling the integration of many devices creating total flexibility in communicating with your home environment at your ease.

Simple & Easy to use

It’s sometimes difficult to think what we can do without the existence of Wi-Fi. Introducing Wi-Fi switches that change the way we live completely.<br />

How will this product shake your world?



The 6-switch touch panel allows connection of switches for lights, fans, blinds, drapes and more

Easy Control

The panel can be controlled with a 3G/4g or a Wi-Fi connection from wherever you are in the world

Lighting Control

The panel can control your lights with switching, dimming, timing, and mood light control

All Colour

The panel comes with a capacitive touch touch screen with a colour display

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