Construction Week Award 2019

Construction Week Award 2019 

Creativity challenges existing notions and paves way for improvisation. To witness the art of designing spaces for bringing out the best possible creative outcomes is enticing. However, to understand the science of architecture and learn the reasoning behind the creation of individual structures is further enthralling. By acknowledging the best of construction and infrastructure from around the country, GM in association with the Construction Week Awards 2019 for the third time, aims to reward the exceptional work of experts in the realm of architecture. 

Through our collaboration, we intend to honour the outstanding endeavours of individuals with exceptional talent having limitless creative possibilities, and to express our gratitude towards their extraordinary contributions. We strongly believe that acceptance, validation and sincere appreciation for commendable work, motivates individuals to perform better. Moreover, through our association with the Construction Week Awards 2019, we aim to provide a great networking opportunity for the architectural personalities around the country to connect and collaborate on projects sharing common ideas.

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