Product Range

  • G-Magic

    This is one piece that made history. If there were a Hall of Fame for switches, then G-magic would find itself on top of the list.

    Aesthetic design, functionality, security and longevity have ensured it be the most successful switch in the category for nine long years. This is one proud benchmark GM has achieved with great determination and teamwork.

    Enter G-Magic

  • Four Five

    Four Five has been designed for the four walls while appealing to the five senses. It appeals to our desires, with over 200 different functions to choose from. It provides a wealth of choice with 5 premium materials, accessories in 3 chromatic finishes and over 200 colour options.

    Brace yourself to stir up your senses and make a home that emanates exclusivity and your personal touch. After all, your home is an extension of no one else but you.

    Enter FourFive